Simplistic Formulas, superior Effect - Beauty of simplicity

XELLENCE brings nature and science together: high quality and visible effect created by pure simplicity.

XELLENCE wants to fulfill our consumer's needs and to ensure safety and health through care and protection of skin.  To us, it is not just about developing beauty products, but most importantly about the results that these create. We focus on the detail and efficiency in every product.

We believe that quality, efficiency and simplicity can be united. It is our philosophy to create superior effect with the fewest number of high quality ingredients without unnecessary additives. Therefore we don't compromise in our choice of ingredients in our products.

Through caring, empathy, transparency and honesty we aim to build strong and reliable relationships with our customers.

We aim for excellent products – and we deliver through our carefully developed collection of products with high quality, multi-active ingredients, designed to fit our busy life and fulfill our needs. The objective is to make it easy to take good care of yourself and feel comfortable in your own skin.

We believe that nature itself creates the most effective results. All ingredients in the XELLENCE range are carefully selected based on their ability to create products of the highest quality, and they are used in documented concentrations to ensure maximum visible effect.

Our vision for XELLENCE products is rooted in our approach to skin care: less is more!

We believe that the most effective skin care products are created with few ingredients that are carefully selected. This idea is the products the foundation of XELLENCE. 

We design skin care products for anyone who wants to avoid the use of fragrance, colorants, preservatives, and other unnecessary additives without compromising on quality. We believe in continuous improvement, focusing on research, innovation and high quality. We want our products to be the best. Therefore, we continuously search for new improved formulas and technologies, to improve excellence in performance.

It Simply Works!


Total Skin Repair

Intense care and regeneration of skin. Products absorb deeply into skin and stimulate natural regenerating processes. Multi-active ingredients in unique combination guarantee optimal effect - both visibly and perceptibly.
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Daily Skin Care

Daily care for face and body with a stimulating effect, balancing natural skin functions. Effective ingredients in unique combinations that hydrate, nourish and protect.
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Ultimate Protection

Long lasting protection. Intense effect thanks to few, but carefully selected ingredients of high quality and in unique combinations. Simple and effective.
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